My way into Ketosis (2 weeks period)

Have you ever heard of The Ketogenic diet? Basically it’s when your body gets fuel from fat instead of glucose. When we eat sugar and carbohydrates, i.e. pasta, rice, bread, grain, our body runs on glucose to receive energy. When you cut out those things, our liver starts to produce ketones and your body will burn fat instead. This is like the LCHF (low carb high fat) diet, which is good when you want to loose weight. But as soon as you go back to normal eating of carbohydrates you will gain weight again. That is because carbohydrates bind fluid (our liver doesn’t know how to control the fluid level due to low level of insulin). If you stick to a low carb diet – great. But if you want the other benefits of cutting carbohydrates out – you need to go deeper. You need to force your body to start produce ketones so that you eventually end up using fat as the main energy source instead.

So what are the benefits of Keto? A few of them..

  • Mental clarity (no brain fog)
  • Reduces inflammation in your gut
  • Improves your mood and energy (less anxiety and depression)
  • Weight loss
  • Controls your appetite (you don’t become hungry in the same way)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Slows down the aging process since you don’t eat stuff that speed up the aging process
  • Optimises hormones like testosteron (testosteron level declines with age and a decline results in less physical energy, less strength, lower stamina etc.).

I first heard of Keto in the beginning of this year. I got excited, wanted to learn more and finally I decided to try it out. I did an effort in spring but didn’t succeed. ”Why is it not working? I have cut out those carbohydrate and now I eat a lot of fat. I don’t get it, what’s wrong?”. And then summer came. I decided to take a break. I knew a summer without carbs would be difficult, especially since one needs to be very strict with alcohol. I allowed myself to let go for two months but I did try not to eat any ”obvious” carbs.

Another try
Two weeks ago (exactly 14 days) I decided to pick up my transition into Keto. I didn’t want to drag it out this time so I was hard on myself – I went fasting for 48 hours straight away! I’ve never fast before. This was a completely new experience. Had my last meal on Sunday 5th August at 14.00. I wanted to do it properly this time so I decided to document every day, every drink, every meal. Last time I tried to go into Ketosis I definitely had too many calories. And I ate too much protein. That’s why I never ended up in Ketosis. During the switch it’s optimal to eat maximum 5% carbohydrates and 20% protein. I had too much of both. It’s just so hard to eat that little carbs and protein. Once you start to look into what food actually contains, you realize that almost everything has carbs in it!  So you truly need to be focused, plan your meals, motivate yourself and never give up.

The day after, on Monday, I woke up and had a cup of black coffee. I wasn’t too hungry actually but I had quite a rough sleep. Sunday evening was fine though, nothing special. I went to work and had another coffee. Lunch time came. Suddenly I started to crave like crazy for food. I was thinking, daydreaming and visualising about tasty flavours. Oh man, I was so into food right there. ANYTHING would have tasted so good! So I took a cup of hot water with broth in it. Broth is good when you are switching from glucose to fat. In the afternoon I had another black cup of coffee. A drank probably 4 glasses of water that day (which is quite a lot for me). In the evening I had hot water and broth again, and I also went to the outdoor gym. The whole day I was either very hungry or not hungry at all. After the gym I felt the hunger again and my energy levels were low. I went to bed early.

Tuesday. I had a really bad sleep. My sleep is usually great, I never wake up from a urge of having to go to toilet or drink water, I sleep the night through. But this was not pleasant. I woke up at 04. My dreams were messy and I couldn’t find myself at peace. Apparently this is normal when entering Ketosis.

Messy night
The messy night
A normal night
A normal night

I went to work as usual but before I had a cup of coffee with brain octaine oil. Came to work, had another cup and later on a glass with hot water with broth. I felt hungry back and forth but I didn’t have that crave for food this day. And then 14.00 came and 48 hours had passed. My first serving was avocado, avocado oil and herb salt. Oh my days. I was in heaven. I also had 1dl of whipping cream that I drank. After this I got so tired. I had no energy, found it hard to focus and I just couldn’t put bits and pieces together. Just wanted to take a nap. When I got home a had a meal with lots of fat and a bit of protein. Completely full.


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